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At Mark Maunder Plumbing Pty Ltd, we firmly believe that our staff are our greatest asset. We are proud of our passionate, talented, skilled and motivated team. Everyone at Mark Maunder Plumbing is dedicated to completing projects to the highest industry standards and exceeding our clients expectations.

We invest in our people through consistent training and realise that the personal and professional development of our team is the key to the future success of our business. Instead of cycling through employees like other businesses, we make a long-term commitment to nurture our best workers and help them realise their potential.
Man Working—Residential & Commercial Plumbers in Mackay, QLD


Our business started as a contracting operation in 1987 before we took on commercial work in the early 90s. Mark Maunder founded Mark Maunder Plumbing Pty Ltd back in 1991 to offer the local construction industry a superior level of service and support. By 1992, we began major projects for mining clients in Bowen.

Since those days, our company has grown considerably and now employs a team of over 25 skilled, passionate and dedicated workers. But we have retained the family feel, despite increasing our specialisations to plumbing, roofing and gasfitting.

Based in North Mackay, we service the entire area, including Moranbah, Emerald, Blackwater and surrounding communities. We assist residential, commercial, industrial and mining clients with their plumbing, roofing, gasfitting and environmental needs while renting out specialty equipment.
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Stellar Workmanship

At Mark Maunder Plumbing, we commit to delivering true quality in every single project. Whether a client requests some plumbing maintenance at their home or requires an entire gasfitting installation at an industrial plant, we oblige with excellence and efficiency.

We approach every job, big or small, with real passion, dedication and the drive to achieve excellence, which we believe sets us apart from the competition.

Our senior staff members include:


Mr Mark Maunder


(Business Manager/Director/Estimator)

Since 1991

Mr Hamish Rogers


(Roofing & Cladding – Supervisor)

Since 1994

Mr Mark Schessl


Plumbing Contractors Supervisor

Since 2012

Mrs Mara Kinder


(Accounts Payable & Human Resources)

Since 2005

Mrs Leah Morris


Accounts Receiveable & Contracts Administration

Since 1994